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-Alyx - Shiloh Shepherd X Certan Hound-

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-Alyx - Shiloh Shepherd X Certan Hound-

Post by Alyx on Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:39 pm

-Also called Alley-
-She/Her or They/them pronouns-
-Shiloh shepherd X Cretan hound-
-1 year and 4 months-


Born in Alaska in December of 2016, she was born to a  family of 3 humans, and 6 siblings. She got named Alyx, meaning the helper, or defender, as she was the largest, and expected to guard. She was a sled dog for quite a while, though she was not the typical breed for pulling a sled. At about 8 months old, during sled training, The dogs had gone to chase a moose. This caused her to run off, as she wasn't fully attached to the sled. Soon enough, she had wandered into Canada, after about a month. From here, she got the nickname alley, as she would often hide in alleyways. Now, she wanders the streets and forest, sometimes finding prey, or a trash can to eat out of.

Fur colors- a black muzzle, with some black up her forehead and similar areas as a german shepherd, with some grayish where a german shepherd would normally have a golden color.
Fur length- Medium, with long hair on belly, tail, and neck.
accessories- Sometimes wears a red collar
weight- 90 pounds
Height- 27 inches

socially awkward, Loyal to loved ones, Highly intelligent, Loving, Gentle, Though powerful when need be

Agatha, Meaning good hearted. Pure Cretan Hound. 60 pounds, unknown height.

Ekon, meaning strong. Pure Shiloh shepherd. 120 pounds and 28 inches tall.


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