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The city

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The city

Post by Alyx on Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:13 pm

With humans slinking around, This is a more difficult area for a small dog or a wolf, but a decent place for a strong dog such as a pit bull, german shepherd, husky, etc. Downtown being much more dangerous, with criminals and the stereotypical graffiti, Though it is actually a much more dangerous place. Uptown has many more people, and fewer alleyways and dangers, Though, people often call animal control if they find canines around the area. You can beg for food, and if you're cute enough or they're kind enough, you may just get a hot meal. If you can't, you can always try dumpsters in alleyways, which will also likely have mice, or cats if you're desperate enough.

Make sure you have read the rules under "Important" as for we (admins/mods) will delete any posts that don't fit. If you see a post that doesn't fit the rules, ignore it, so we don't have to delete your post as well. You may pm me, or another admin/mod if you see one that looks like it doesn't fit. You may reply to this to roleplay in this area after your bio is accepted. Please put "Entering (this location) From (your past location)" And if your leaving, Put "Leaving (This location) For (Your next location)" If this is your first roleplay post, that won't apply to you.

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